I confess to being a Lame Ass

And for that, I am very sorry.

I have been concentrating on the jobby-job for the last few days.  When I haven’t been working, I’ve been having a life and becoming more deeply addicted to Twitter than I already was a few days ago.*

So yes, I’ve been neglecting you and this blog.

To make up for it, let me give you this:

This is so the kid Honey and I would have if we could procreate.

*I promise to write something substantial in a day or so.  Until then, check out the my writing group’s blog, http://www.asiagoans.wordpress.com.


About Sarah Familar-Ragsdale

Sarah Familar-Ragsdale is a writer and poet, a shameless multi-tasker, and a lover of good wine, lyrical prose, foot rubs, adrenaline rushes, and sweet tea. She can't remember a time when she didn't want to be a writer, and some of her favorite childhood memories involve an old IBM typewriter and stacks of onionskin paper. Her professional life has followed a meandering path - she has been a licensed Charleston tour guide, a metaphysical bookstore owner, and a minister to an eclectic spiritual community. These days, when she isn't trying to wrap up her on-going novel projects or making attempts to seduce the muses of poetry, she follows her other great soul calling as a certified Life Coach and spiritual mentor. Sarah lives at the edge of an under-tended garden in Charleston, SC with the love of her life and their two fur-children, Chaucer and Stella Maris. To find out more about Sarah's Life Coaching services, visit ElementalLifeCoach.com.
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