The Balancing Act

I have a goal to post SOMETHING (and ye gads, let it be something of substance) to this blog at least once every 24 hour period.  This is part of my commitment be the whole Serious Writer thing, and therefore it is extremely important to me.   It’s a part of Living the Dream, and i intend to stick to it.  Most of you don’t know me well yet, but you’ll soon learn that I’m a girl of my word.

Which is part of my problem.  You see, I just started a new, promising day-job a couple of months ago.  It has all the signs of success, and I’m very fortunate to work for a couple who believe in sharing the glory AND the wealth (when there IS wealth).  They believe in me, and trust me.  I’m the one who is supposed to reel in the paying clients for a brand new product.  These folks are investing what they have in the faith that I will be able to generate real sales success for them.  That creates a shit ton of pressure, ladies and gents.  Now, I can take it – don’t get me wrong – and I’m sure that we are going to sign up several companies soon.  But it makes for long days and long nights.

I work from home.  Right now, my day-job work area and computer are also my Serious Writer work area and computer.  I don’t have a commute that separates the parts of my life into neat compartments.  I’m finding it hard to put away the tools of one calling to take up the toys of the other.  I spend a lot of time toggling back and forth between my work e-mail and Twitter or Facebook or this blog.  I keep a Word document open at all times, just in case I have some inspiration and a moment to write it down.

From what I can tell, there are a lot of writers who struggle with this issue.  I follow quite a few writer blogs and Twitter feeds, and there is a lot of talk of juggling not only day-jobs and writing, but all of the other stuff that makes for a full life.

So what about you, gentle reader?  Have you learned any tricks of the trade that you would care to pass along?



About Sarah Familar-Ragsdale

Sarah Familar-Ragsdale is a writer and poet, a shameless multi-tasker, and a lover of good wine, lyrical prose, foot rubs, adrenaline rushes, and sweet tea. She can't remember a time when she didn't want to be a writer, and some of her favorite childhood memories involve an old IBM typewriter and stacks of onionskin paper. Her professional life has followed a meandering path - she has been a licensed Charleston tour guide, a metaphysical bookstore owner, and a minister to an eclectic spiritual community. These days, when she isn't trying to wrap up her on-going novel projects or making attempts to seduce the muses of poetry, she follows her other great soul calling as a certified Life Coach and spiritual mentor. Sarah lives at the edge of an under-tended garden in Charleston, SC with the love of her life and their two fur-children, Chaucer and Stella Maris. To find out more about Sarah's Life Coaching services, visit
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